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VoiceCut releases the alpha version to Video Marketers

Video marketing is all the rage these days, and it should be.  Nothing converts better and nothing is more engaging than a good video.  The problem is that even though we all know it’s great to use video we don’t tend to use it as much as we want, especially in our marketing.  Why?  The answer is clear, it’s so hard to edit a video.  Who really wants to do that?  Now there is a solution and it’s about to make some big waves!

It’s been a year in the making, but the reality of using voice commands to edit video while filming is now ready for the first users to try it out.  It’s never been seen or done before, and that’s why it’s a magnificent step in the right direction.  For years the technology around camera devices has increased at a breakneck speed, while the same old methods for editing video remain.  In fact, there is such a gap in the video technology that usability is simple for filming, but not so simple for editing, at least with the control that a business professional or someone who wants some control over the final product might want.

VoiceCut’s Mission

The mission is simple, to give everyone a personal video editor using the power of their own voice.  We envision a world where video is ubiquitous, just like photos are today.  VoiceCut is about to make this possible for everyone.


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How it Works (Patent Pending):

Chris Wilson, VoiceCut’s founder and CEO, came up with the concept of voice editing while thinking about how to make editing automated but maintaining control.  Other automatic editors (see Animoto, Trace, Magisto, etc..) use algorithms to edit video which means that the user loses a great deal of control over the video.  This is ok for hobbyists and home videos, but when you are teaching a topic or need critical parts of a video your choice is to outsource the editing (expensive) or edit the video in house.  Anyone who has edited video knows very well how tedious and time consuming the process is.

VoiceCut works very differently…

VoiceCut is the world’s first voice command video editing software that allows users to edit video WHILE filming. With simple commands, users can insert start and finish points with their voice while shooting that trigger our software to remove unwanted footage and keep only the best parts. Footage is stitched into a final video in minutes or can be downloaded to an NLE (non linear editor) like Final Cut or even iMovie, etc…

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When we setout to make VoiceCut, we wanted to give people the simplicity of using an automatic video app with the convenience of a personal editor and the control of doing it yourself.  That’s what VoiceCut is, and it’s unlike anything available.

Chris Wilson

CEO, VoiceCut

Primary Difference: Edit While Filming

The key difference between VoiceCut and it’s competition is that a user can edit the video while filming.  It’s never been done before and is therefore a bit foreign, however the concept is simple.  Instead of editing the video in “post” (after filming) the user is essentially including their edits while they film.  There are currently three commands:

  • Camera Start
  • Camera Finish
  • Camera Delete

A user must start each desired sequence of footage with “Camera Start.”  If they mess up on a take, a simple “Camera Delete” will remove that section.  Keeping the footage is as quick as saying the words “Camera Finish” and only the best takes will be saved for the final video.  It’s really that simple.  The VoiceCut software will interpret these commands and make the edits automatically.   Anything outside those command phrases will be ignored… yep, even your uncontrollable laughter, you know the kind when you just can’t stop?  Yeah, that’s it.

Keeping it Simple

In it’s simplest form, VoiceCut is a quick and dirty video editor.  This is, and will always be the goal.  There are plenty of other elaborate video editing software programs available for customization and effects… what we want is iPhone simplicity for the video world.  Something that cranks out great content and is simple and easy to use.

As an Alpha release it is capable of editing video and rearranging clips, adding music and rendering different quality of videos.  There are many planned improvements and enhancements as we move forward, however we’re going to let users decide what is kept and what ends up on the “cutting room floor.”

We are excited to offer this for the first time ever and invite you to request an invite so you can try VoiceCut very soon!


Leave a comment and tell us what you think!  We’d love to hear. 

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