What We Are Looking For

VoiceCut has created a disruptive technology in video editing and is looking to build a passionate and capable development team to drive our software into production.  We are looking for developers who are strategic planners, but have the ability to work in an agile environment.   We’re looking for a perfect fit with our team and someone who believes in our Vision, Mission and Values as much as we do.

  • JavaScript / Node.js 90%
  • Consumer Software Deployment 75%
  • Strategic Thinking and Implementation 85%
  • Collaboration in Team Environment 75%
  • Comfortable in a Start-up 80%

What is VoiceCut?

VoiceCut is the world’s first voice command video editing software that allows users to edit WHILE filming using voice commands. With simple commands, users can insert start and finish points while shooting that trigger our software to remove unwanted footage automatically. What would normally require hours of manual effort can literally be done in a few minutes and with full user control of the final output. Clips can be stitched into a final video or can be used in professional video software. VoiceCut is everyone’s personal editor.

Our Vision

A world where everyone cane make videos they are proud of

Our Mission

To empower users to create & edit video with the most convenient, accurate, and automatic method, using the power of their voice.


Our Values



Do what you say and say what you mean. We are all responsible for our actions or inactions so be effective, plan work, and work the plan with ownership of outcomes in a respectful environment.



Above all else, everyone leaves feeling empowered. We remain positive, and living in an “all is well” feel on life.



Making great decisions does not have to be laborious or time consuming. Have the courage to move quickly on ideas and do not be afraid of a failure if it provides a great learning experience.


A person may gain or lose respect, but for everyone communication and deeds are always honest and respectful. Have the flexibility to accept the situation as it is.


Truly interested in others, listening to them as the possibility they are and can be. Relentless customer focus, bringing the user the best experience which will drive our business by acting in accordance to the listening.

Mastery of Life

No distinction between work and play. Love what you are doing. We should be able to enjoy the experiences of both work and life in a fun and exciting atmosphere.


Staying on the bleeding edge of the speech recognition, video editing, creation, and consumption market.


A person may gain or lose respect, but for everyone communication and deeds are always honest and respectful. Have the flexibility to accept the situation as it is.

Full Stack Developer

Location: Tempe, AZ

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Work with the VoiceCut CTO to update the web based application of VoiceCut
  • Collaborate with UX/UI designers, other developers, and management team
  • Develop a desktop based application
  • Mobile application development
  • Help implement scalable architecture to support growth
  • Consulting with users to resolve issues or discuss improvements
  • Researching technology trends
  • Acquire expertise with VoiceCut software and video creation (training provided)


Minimum Qualifications:

  • US Citizenship required, VoiceCut does not offer employment-based visa sponsorship
  • Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent degree, plus 3+ years of related experience
  • 3+ years of experience of software development experience in JavaScript/Node.js
  • Experience working with NoSQL databases, we use mongoDB currently
  • Experience with object oriented design
  • Good Knowledge of HTML / HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Some travel may be required

Bonus Skills:

  • Experience with FFMpeg or other video processing software
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Video and sound editing
  • Ability to thrive in a start-up environment
  • Bonus experience with Angular


  • Background and reference checks required upon hire
  • The job title, description and role requirements for this position are subject to change without notice
  • VoiceCut is an equal opportunity employer

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