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Edit Video Faster by Using Voice Commands

We’ve all been there before, you have a great idea for some fantastic content, you know it would be a good idea to make a video post about it to share with your followers but video takes so much time and effort… it’s not that the filming takes much to do, it’s all about the time you will spend editing to make a quick video.  So what’s the result?  You never get around to making the video and end up just posting another text heavy post with some photos to spice it up a bit.  Sound familiar?  You’re not alone.  In fact, I would venture to say that the majority of content marketers are in the same boat.  Video is awesome, but it takes so long to edit.

Make a Video with 30 Seconds of Manual Effort – No Joke!

To show you just how easy this really is, I decided to do a quick video and post the raw footage as well as the final cut of the video.  The raw footage was shot using my iPhone, no external mic and was 6:54 min long.  You’ll notice that there were times in my footage when I made a mistake or or when a loud car drove by.  No worries, I simply said my delete command and didn’t have to worry about scrubbing my footage.  The real beauty of VoiceCut is that while the processing takes place, you can do other things like write your blog post, create your next video script, answer emails, or just go do something fun… the list goes on and on.  Now that you don’t need to scrub your footage you are also free to do things like promote yesterday’s posts or answer comments from your fans instead of spending all the time editing like you used to.  In fact, while the processing was taking place, I decided to write this blog post!

Raw/Unedited Footage: Watch Below

Here is my raw footage in all it’s unedited glory.  I’m not a very entertaining guy, so don’t be looking for any good outtakes… just a bit of rambling when I didn’t know what I wanted to say or times when I stumbled over my words.

If you didn’t catch our most recent post about how VoiceCut works, you can check it out here.  I’ve inserted a diagram of how the software searches for your commands with one press of the record button to start and one to stop.  VoiceCut can interpret multiple commands from within one long clip. 

Screen Cast: See VoiceCut Edit My Footage

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Final VoiceCut Edited Video

Here is the final video that was produced using only VoiceCut to create clips, discard unwanted footage, and render the final version with all of the clips stitched together.  I had to wait for the upload and for rendering time, but my manual input was about 30 seconds and there was no need for any additional user input to create the video below.

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It’s our mission to give everyone their own personal editor using the power of their own voice and by signing up for an invite you’ll be the first to have access to VoiceCut and see it’s magic happen with your own videos.  Request an invite below!

Ready to Try It Yourself?  Request an Invite! 

What People Are Saying

We’ve received a ton of great comments and questions from people who are curious about VoiceCut and how it’s even possible to edit video using voice commands.  The feedback has been awesome.  Each time someone signs up to get an early invite I send them a note with one questions that goes something like this, “Can I ask you one question?  Why did you sign up for VoiceCut?”

I’ve loved the responses from people who are tired of editing video the hard way.

I love new technology and because editing by hand is probably the biggest impediment that keeps me from making more videos.

Dirk C.


I like to get out and shoot footage, but I dread the editing and it takes me a long time. I could use any bit of technology out there that would streamline the process from shooting to the final product. Having clips of the scenes I need without all of the extra unwanted footage would save me hours.

Chiola D.


Cutting vids is one of the most complex and boring stuff on my to-do-list.  Making it easier with a “voice-cut-solution” sounds too good to be true and i want to be at the front seat when it goes live.
Alex U.


I have tried making Youtube videos at some point in my life, and it is full of hassles and work that we need to put in, in the editing of the video, giving different shots and takes. And when I found about your project, it got me all excited and pumped up , as to someone was working on making this process easier right now.


Have something to say?  Post a comment and let us know how you’d use VoiceCut in your marketing efforts or in any other unique ways!

Ready to Try It Yourself?  Request an Invite! 

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